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The Galloping Geezer
Jack Downey ~ The Galloping Geezer Jack C Downey Comments
on Canadian Issues to Inform and Amuse.

Photo Credit to Julie Ann Biggs out on the Mekong River, Cambodia Vietnam Border.".

Great Canadian Stories by Jack C Downey - the Galloping Geezer

Truth and Integrity - Snow Job

Cops and Robbers

11th Canadian Province...Sorry you're too late

Me name is St. Patrick and Welsh is What I Be!

Life with out Love is a Life with out Feeling

Where Do Dreams Go When You Wake Up?

What do you give A Witch for Christmas

An Old Alberta Geezer Gets Religion

A Dog's Best Friend

Don't forget who gave their lives in the defense OF our Great land, Canada.

Where have all the Teachers gone?

YANKEE DOODLE wants to shoot the CANADIAN CULTURE GEEZER the trouble is our CANADIAN GEEZER shoots back!

Is Fast Food Junk Food or Vice Versa?

Starbuck Valley Revisited

Same Sex Marriages - Individual Rights vs. Majority Rights

Sunshine Coast, Old Dogs and Ebb Tides

Faith and Beggorah! Quebec is Irish!

Canadian Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

The Snow Eater

Putting a New Face on an Old Town

A Rose by any other name is still a Rose, unless it is a Saskatoonberry.

"'No Time , No Time' said the Mad Hatter while dipping his watch in his tea.' (from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland)

A Legacy of Honour

What Happened to Canada's Armed Forces?

Thank the Roman Gods for a short February

Canadian Book Review, as the Geezer see-sawed it.

It's a Dirty Job but somebody has to Do It!

The Early Wake, A Fine Canadian Tradition

The Chinese in Canada - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

There are two Kinds of Children: Young Children and Old Children, And they are both the same.

Who Made the Rules?

War and Peace - Our National Sport

Will PEI Give Up Potatoes for Puffballs?

The Non Conformists Change the World

Circa 1865-1871: Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood Attacks Canada

125 Years Ago The Blackfoot Chief Crowfoot Signed Treaty # 7 allowing the CPR passage through Alberta to British Columbia and led to Canada's Confederation.

Of 'Real White Men', Holy Ground, and… Kootisaw?

A Play on Words

The Three Rs: 'Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic.

Have you met my Anthracite Coal?

Hey Brother Can You Spare a Dime?


Jackson Valley

A Real Fairy Princess Tale by a Knight Errant

Last Night I Dreamt I Died and I wasn't Ready To Go!

Did Canada Start the American Civil War?

Cannibalism is OK if You Eat a Friend

Where Have All the Soldiers Gone

The Time Spent Fishing Won't Be Taken Off Your Life

The Stools that Bind Us

The Berserkers Discovered Newfoundland and Labrador Bye

Freedom of Speech In the Nursery

Canada and China have Someone in Common

The Hole in the Ozone

The Big Bad Black White Man

What Kind of Grub do Canadians Eat? You ask?

Ships of the Desert Part II

Ships of the Desert Part I

The Ugly Duckling was just another Old Bird.

Is the Canadian Kettle calling the American Melting Pot Black?

Canadian Heroes, Heroines, and Rascals ~ They're "All in the Family

How We Can Help with Third World Food Shortages

Can we feed the homeless

CANADA' S CULTURE ~ Definition of the Indefinable

So You Bought a Ticket on the Lotto

Communications Then and and Now

New Year's Revolutions

Three Tinkles and a Clangor

WHAT about wasted festive packaging and Christmas FIRE BELLS ringing?

The Origin of Christmas Balls ...a pre Xmas yarn.

Take 533 West

May be I Do ~ Maybe I Don't

In the Interests of Harmony

Maggie's Back in Town

Sunny Toes

Taking a Longview at the G8

A Birds Eye View of Thanksgiving

Young Love, New Love, Old Love, or is there such a lovely thing?

Prayer for the children

Regarding Sep. 11th Travesty - Attack on United States

Is it Written on Stone

Pick-A-Part might be a Smart Move.

"SAFEWAY" May be Worth Emulating for the Environment and Community

Water Water every where and Not a Drop to Drink!

The Issue at hand ~ Water

Little Things that Canadians Do Well

The Canadian Cliff Dwellers


Women's Equality- a Dilemma on the Horns of a Conundrum.

Don't forget who gave their lives for our CANADA DAY!

Jailbirds, Waterheads, Nutbars and Razorwire

Calgary Stampede Coming in July: Ride 'Em Cowboy!

Alberta Robbing British Columbia of its Resources?!

To say that they tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a LIE

Sasquatch, Giants and Pixies

Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow.

Merry Merry Month of May

Spring Fever

Play it Again Sam

First Canadians

Oil and Gas Grease the Alberta Skids

What's In a Name? More than you may think!

Cyberspace for Geezers and Geezerettes

Western ~ Eastern Alienation

The Ghoul Tax

Canadian Water Loss and Dangers

About Respect

© Jack C. Downey CD

Jack C. Downey CD

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