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Truth and Integrity - Snow Job

Everywhere I look (Ottawa, Washington, London, Paris etc.) I find the decaying corpse of Truth and Integrity buried under the snow jobs being dumped on us taxpaying citizens by our elected leaders. My generation and the ones before were far from perfect, but those two words were what we expected both in Business leadership and from government. We went to schools that disciplined students and where the teacher was always right and respected. We memorized poetry and read books and stories that provided role models for us to emulate. Before TV and the Computer we were easy to snow, but even then we knew that politicians, with rare exceptions, were pretty leaky vessels. It is no surprise that the politicians and business leaders of today, again with a few exceptions, are such badly cracked pots. (Pun intended)

We have our shameful and unbelievable Government Financial Fraud debacle circling above our Prime Minister and the Liberal Party. President G.W. Bush (USA) and Prime Minister T.C.L Blair (UK) have the makings of a Jihad staring them in the eyeball. The US Army has allegedly broken every rule under the Geneva Convention that pertains to the custody of POWs. This illegal action has now put all Peace Keepers in deadly danger and especially if taken POW in any Moslem area of operations. The Stock Market is loaded with corruption. Flagrant abuse of our common environment is committed by Corporations world-wide. The rich nations' youth are becoming obese at an alarming rate while third world citizens suffer and starve. Terrorism is rampant and ever more powerful, mutating diseases affect humans and animals. The lack of honesty and integrity by world leaders makes it most difficult for the average citizen to understand world affairs. We are subjected to Snow Jobs by Government and Media who provide their twisted answers or fifteen second News Clips and, often, both owe markers to various political interests, corporations, or other "donors."

The Basic Rules of Honesty and Integrity (for Those Who Missed Them)

The Ten Commandments
  1. As a leader, no matter at what level, you are always responsible for the actions of those subordinates under your command.
  2. You cannot deny liability by any statement or posted notice if you have received remuneration for a task.
  3. Leadership is by example (what you sow, you shall reap).
  4. If you are military, you are obliged to refuse an illegal order (Geneva Convention). Non-military persons are obliged not to carry out any illegal activities both by Criminal law and by Church law.
  5. Leadership and honesty require the admission of failure or neglect in a forthright manner. Mistakes can be forgiven, dishonesty and lack of integrity can not. They are grave character faults.
  6. Leadership and integrity flow downward. Men and woman of honor leave a legacy for others to emulate, which passes on through history.
  7. If you have judged an individual wrongly you must apologize. If a member of your group has a good idea or commits an outstanding service, you must ensure the others are aware of this action and that a reward is given according to policy.
  8. Fairness, firmness and a friendly demeanor are the basic traits of a leader. When discipline is required it must be meted out fairly and promptly.
  9. You must vote for men and women of honor and encourage others to vote likewise if democracy is to survive.
  10. If you are in a situation or meeting where a statement, action, or policy change is brought up that is, in your opinion wrong, you must stand up and be counted, even if everyone else disagrees with you and you are sole dissenter. Wrong is wrong and, no matter the consequence, it must be reviewed and made right before implication.
If you wish to see the Snow Jobs gone and Spring Return to our great land you may wish to send this article to your Senator, MP, MLA or Alderman. They need to know what is expected of them as your employee and must never be able to say "I didn't know".

Prime Minister of Canada

Rt. Hon Paul Martin
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President of the USA George W. Bush: Vice President Richard Cheney:

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdoms.

Rt. Hon Tony Charles Lynton Blair click here

Do not our families deserve Honesty and Integrity?

New growth brings new hope.

Jack C. Downey CD 2004

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