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After a lengthy stay at the hospital (for the most part since June), Jack was well enough to be released to a long care facility last week. He still has trouble walking by himself, yet much improvement has occurred recently concerning strength, balance and mental health. At 70 years old, he is one of the younger patients at this facility.

I hope he will be able to continue improving and be transferred from the long term care wing to the assisted living wing. The latter is more like living at home, yet there are staff to help you shuffle through the daily routine. From there, he may make enough gains to be able to return to his home in the new year. One step at a time is the prognoses.

On the medical papers I indicated the goal is to get him home and to have the required assistance available so he can live in the community. That said, the facility he is currently in is just four years old and is quite nice. Circumstances may dictate that he has to stay there. Knowing my Dad, there will be thoughts of tunnelling out, like something out of The Great Escape. Already, he has colourful names for a few of the staff - this is a good sign.

I have not been able to convince my Dad to take up the PC keyboard yet, despite my offer to haul this electronic wizardry over to his room. I hope he will take me up on the offer. I am also suggesting to him the advantages of having a phone in his room. In addition to the issues with his heart, part of his recovery has been coming out of the state of mind he was in. The other night I was (pleasantly) inundated with stories of when he was in the military and some of the places he visited and people he met during and after that career.

For those who would like to send their wishes, I can be reached at this e-mail

The address for visiting or sending messages to my Dad is:

Jack Downey c/o
Wentworth Manor Court
Room 289
5709 14 Ave. SW.
Calgary, AB. Canada
T3H 3M2

Email: Wishing all of you the very best,

Thank you,

Brock Downey

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best regards

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