Darcy Gertz

Darcy Gertz

carver & designer
custom made jewelry

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At Gertz Art Studios I work in all mediums from gold and silver work to carvings in gem stone, soap stone, meerschaum, briar, wood, clay, apples, and pumpkins as well as paintings in oil, water color and air brushing in acrylics and automotive paint.

Here are some samples of my work.

"Tiger Ring by Darcy Gertz

"Tiger Ring"
Gold with Diamond Eyes

By Darcy Gertz.
Click on picture to see a full view of ring.

"Tourmaline with diamonds - Ring"  by Dary Gertz

"Tourmaline Ring"
Glitter of gold and diamonds.

"Meerschaum Pipe"  by Darcy Gertz.

"Meerschaum Pipes"
Carved smoking pipes in Briar and Meerschaum.

"Clay Sculture"  by Darcy Gertz

"Clay Sculpture"

"Clay Sculpture in another view" by Darcy Gertz.

"Clay Sculpture"
Clay work Series in progress.

"Sand Carvings" by Darcy Gertz

"Sand Carvings"

Attract People to your event with a Sand Sculpture.
(indoor and outdoor in a variety of themes.)

Commissions completed in Canada, United States, as well as Australia.

"Apple carving" by Darcy Gertz

"Apple Carving"

Hand carved doll heads in a variety of materials from apples to wood.

"Jack-o-lantern" by Darcy Gertz


Halloween decorations for pubs and restaurants.

"Snake Cane" by Darcy Gertz

"Snake Cane"

Design your own one of a kind walking Stick/Cane. Incorporating a variety of metals and gem stones.

Look for many upcoming traditional and one of a kind items in a variety of mediums.
Commissions welcomed.

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To obtain more information on any of Darcy Gertz's designs or creations seen on this page send me an email.

Any questions, please feel free to email

email: gertz@candianculture.com

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