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Plomberie Chauffage SOS Canada Inc

Title: Plomberie Chauffage SOS Canada Inc
Category: Plumbing
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Listing has been added: Jun 29, 2015
We provide comprehensive services for plumbing, heating and mechanical systems for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and public. We are able to read drawings and specifications to determine the structure of plumbing systems, water supply systems and drainage and drainage systems. We are able to plan, install and maintain plumbing, heating systems, apparatus, equipment and controls mechanical piping. Our employees, management and supervisors working in cooperation with other businesses and workers to ensure that all specifications, laws and policies are met, and to ensure the effective completion of any project. Provide adequate services to ensure that all the plumbing and heating systems are installed, repaired and maintained to meet all building code standards and health and safety policies. Plumbing Heating Montreal holds strongly to the health and safety of our employees and customers. Our philosophy is that the welfare of our society will depend on the health and safety of our personnel. To enable us to maintain our quality and production at a maximum, we ensure the health and safety of our work force is maintained at all times.
First Name: haddad
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